ADABAS/Natural Migration & Modernisation Solution

The only Fully 100% Automated Conversion Solution for ADABAS/Natural® applications to Java or C# .Net

Many organizations are still running large ADABAS/Natural® applications that were developed more than 30 years ago. The high maintenance costs and lack of ADABAS/Natural® developers is causing companies to look at migration routes to more modern technologies.

Through the years, ADABAS/Natural® has been a very popular environment for developing business applications. Nowadays, using this veteran technology brings some disadvantages such as:

Cost: The cost of licenses and maintenance an organization needs to pay every year is very high.

Resources: It is almost impossible to find trained developers in Natural and ADABAS, DBA’s.

Agility: Modern development technologies like Java or C#.NET provide a more agile environment. In today’s marketplace, businesses must have the ability to rapidly change their IT systems due to market needs or changes in regulations.

As companies try to leverage the tremendous investment they have made in their existing ADABAS/Natural® applications, they face a formidable challenge.

Our DBMS Migrator for the conversion of ADABAS/Natural® is the answer: a cutting-edge, high-efficiency solution for migrating from ADABAS/Natural® to RDBMS/Java or  C#.NET.

The use of a 100% automated migration has many benefits compared to the alternative of rewriting the application and losing most of the past investment. The data structure is migrated to a relational model, keeping all the connections and dependences, while enabling excellent performance.

The new Java or  C#.NET application maintains the content and structure of the original Natural application. This cost-effective solution significantly decreases the risk, cost, and time involved, and enables current developers to continue maintaining and enhancing the migrated application.

Business Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces license and maintenance costs
  • Provides Web-based application look and feel (easy distribution and pleased end users)
  • Makes application enhancement easier
  • Provides cost effective migration
  • Eliminates the IT resources problem
  • Uses proven automated tools, thereby mitigating many of the project risks

Technical Benefits

  • Enables a 100% automated migration, with no manual intervention needed
  • Provides a complete solution for language, database, and platform modernization
  • Migrates Natural objects, leaving your business logic intact
  • Maps ADABAS model into a relational database model
  • Supplies a Java/C#.NET open source framework with the migrated code
  • Provides a thin client application (browser based)

Migration Outcome

  • Application deployed on open platform
  • Open RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server)
  • No proprietary lockdown
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled
  • Three layered application (data, logic, and presentation layers)
  • Clear and maintainable application code